The Geothermal System:
A Simple Concept
In Cost-Effective
Year-Round Comfort.


Energy efficient, green, home design with comfort and
low utility bills as a must.


The geothermal heat pump system works in harmony with the earth and the sun to provide for your home's heating and cooling needs.

The concept is simple.  A high-strength pipe made of thermal plastic is buried in the ground in a loop configuration.  A closet loop is filled with an environmentally safe water/anitfreeze solution that transfers heat to or from the earth as needed.  The same principle applies for an open loop that taps into a well, then discharges the water once it has been used.  The closed loop circulation system is virtually maintenance free, with a life expectance of over 50 years.


Typical Geothermal Earth
Loop Designs

  1. Horizontal Loops - Horizontal loops are sometimes used where adequate land is available for underground loops that range from 100 feet to 500 feet in length.
  2. Geothermal-ground-source-loop-design-horizontal 


  3. Vertical Loops - Vertical loops are ideal when land surface is limited.  Vertical holes (about 6 inches in diameter) are drilled to depths ranging from 100 feet to 300 feet.  Vertical loops are almost always used in a neighborhood setting.
  4. Geothermal-ground-source-loop-design-vertical


  5. Geothermal loop pond applications- Pond loops, referred to by some as pond source heat pumps, are a very economical alternative when a body of water is nearby.  The pipes are placed along the bottom of the lake.

  7. Open "loop" applications - Open loop applications do not use a closed loop of pipe containing a water/antifreeze solution.  An open loop system utilizes a near-by water source such as an existing well to circulate water.  Because of filtering problems, we do not recommend using an open loop system.  However, if you have a near-by well or pond,  this type of application could be an alternative.


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