Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

How To Design An Energy Efficient House

The home is the place where you rest your head, find peace, and are able to truly relax and enjoy life, but how it looks and what it is capable of doing may change that, and, sometimes, for the better. Everyone wants their own custom home design, one that fits every need they have, saves on electric bills, and works perfectly into their lives, but many do not consider home energy efficiency tips.


This saves money overall, possibly even having the electric company pay you, as well as saving the earth (Read more: How does a geothermal heat pump work?). Making an energy efficient home design and receiving home energy efficiency tips involves the construction and items used inside to create something that you enjoy and will benefit from in large ways.

Often, these little changes are not even noticeable when inside the home, but only come to light when you see your much lower bill. You have the joy from saving money on your electric bill and the satisfaction of helping to save the planet, all in one home energy efficient design.

There are several ways to make your home more energy efficient, but one that many know of is the use of solar panels. These are installed at your home and, as most know, use the sun to power different things around the house.

Using the sun to power your water and electricity cuts down on how much you have to pay the companies that provide it, saving you money over time. There may be a larger initial investment, but, with the money you are not spending monthly, you will make that money back.  Depending on where you live and the additional costs, solar panels are not always recommended for utility savings.

Another way to have an energy efficient home design is to look at the area where the house is. Figure out the temperatures commonly experienced there and work that into the design of the home. When the house is built to better deal with the local climate, the need for constantly making up for the home being too cold or warm is gone. It can handle the temperatures itself, allowing you to sit back and relax.  In my custom home designs I teach you everything you need to know about making your home energy efficient from the outside elements.

Once the home is built and you are choosing appliances and what else to bring in, look for brands that advertise as saving you energy. With the growing concern for the earth and need for more eco friendly products, many more companies are beginning to jump in and provide customers with energy saving stoves, fridges, and more. So many options available give you the chance to look at what is there and make a choice that not only benefits the earth, but is also something you can actually enjoy and use.

One of the easiest parts of an efficient home design is to choose energy saving light bulbs. Many are on the market, and you can find something fitting to whatever you are using. These will provide you with light without taking as much energy as the older ones.

Having a comfortable and energy efficient home design is within the grasp of every homeowner. Whether you are building one from the ground up or looking for ways to save energy in the home you already own, you have many options available. There is no reason for you to settle or be unhappy with your own home, and the choices out there give what you need to ensure that does not happen.

These home energy efficient tips can save you thousands during the lifetime of your home.

 Are you building a home and looking for a custom, energy efficient house plan?  Visit my home design site at www.rye-homes.com for more information.


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